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RESEARCH PROJECT of the contactfestival freiburg 2014
The contactfestival freiburg is eager to offer a Research Project for the third time, to give the possibility to deepen the knowledge in specific areas of Contact Improvisation through ground research to be shared with other’s.
With the wish to support a lively exchange at the Festival and in the field of Contact Improvisation, we invite you to submit an independent research proposal/score to be done within a group environment.

Our proposal for this year
We offer free participation at the Teachers Meeting and the Festival itself for 2 researchers to deepen their research.
The deadline is prolonged till 15th of May!

We are looking for contact dancers who are already researching Contact Improvisation and are interested to submit an independent research proposal/score to be done within an group environment (the participants), to develop and focus on their research through the given time, space and group.

  • The research proposal should be clearly connected to Contact Improvisation.
  • The communication and the outcome of the own research with a bigger group (teachers/festival participants) is part of the project!

Researchers during Teachers Meeting and Festival
If you are applying, it is important that you present us a plan stating how you imagine bringing your own research into the Festival, making it participative or available for the big crowd. You will be in close communication with Dani or Barbara who will support you to think it through and make it happen before and during the event. We are really interested in proposals/scores that can be shared with and joined by others.

Send us an Exposé
with your field of research (max. 3 pages) which should include:

  • Specific questioning

  • Personal score/proposal to develop within a group environment during the teachers meeting and the Festival

  • Your own knowledge and interest of the procedure

  • Ideas of announcing and communicating the outcome to a wider group of people (documentation) for example: Festival participants

  • List of publications (if you already have)

  • Biography

All applications should be written in Verdana 10pt in simple line pitch and saved as PDF.
Please send the application till the 15th of May 2014 to research(at)contactfestival(dot)de
Till the end of May we will choose the 2 researchers, which will follow us through the teachers meeting and Festival.

To bring this project further and to let other people know what happened. We will ask you to document, feedback, resume your experience during the Research in any way.

We invite you to come up with any idea for documentation. We can produce a collection of the writings, or a paper and propose it for an article in CQ and/or collect video clips from material recorded during the sessions. The material will be also part of the Festival archive.

We will ask you to create and send us this material within a month after the Festival. Your Research presentation and outcome will be part of the Festival archive.

Please send the complete application form to research(at) contactfestival(dot)de
Contact persons: Barbara Stahlberger and Daniela Schwartz
application info
as PDF (106KB)
Application flow:

Prolonged till
15th of May

deadline for applications

End of May
announcing the researchers (latest)

Event dates

9th - 14th of August
teachers meeting

14th -20th of August
Festival (Thu-We)