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NEW PROPOSAL 2016: Offering scholarship

Since it’s very beginning, contactfestival freiburg is offering access to the event for anybody interested in the investigation of this dance form. We support participants coming from various countries with a vulnerable financial situation, through work exchange, making it possible for those, to participate with a reduction.

This year, we decided to add the offer of 2 Scholarship places, which addresses only professional dancers coming from countries with a difficult financial situation, to apply and get a free entrance to the event.

We will be interested to reach dancers from Asia, Africa, Middle East, and South America, as well as dancing refugees living in Europe, to establish new opportunities for them to join us, and to nourish the Festival with a wider diversity of cultures.

If you work in these countries or have access to this dance communities, please spread the news.

Who can apply?

  • only professional dancers will be eligible for the Scholarships
  • those in financial need of this support

How to apply?

  • send us an application including a CV, a portrait photo and a motivation letter stating your interest to come and describing your financial situation.
  • apply till: March 31st for this upcoming Festival in August.
  • we will decide within 14 days and let you know.

What we offer you:

  • a free entrance to the Festival week, including the full program, studio accommodation and board.
  • all necessary administrative support (invitation) for your visa application.

What we ask you for?

  • 15h of work exchange as contribution to the Festival.
  • A written report to share your experience at the Festival to be added in our archive. (or video material)

Please send all of your material to info(at) and do not hesitate to ask us any emerging question.

Happy and curious to receive your application!

The team

Please send the complete application form to info(at) contactfestival(dot)de
Contact persons:
Barbara Stahlberger and Daniela Schwartz
Application flow:
apply till
31st of May

15th of June

announcing the holder (latest)
Event dates
11th -17th of August
Festival (Thu-We)