Video artist for documentation
video artist call
Call for video artist for festival documentation

Every year the contactfestival freiburg supports the production of a video inside the Festival. We invite a different video artist for each edition, to whom we give a total freedom, regarding themes, interest, editing, etc.
We offer this way the event as a frame for the video artists, to communicate through their film, what was calling their attention during the Festival, and how they would like to share about it with others.

Who can apply?
Any video artist interested in this call with experience in filming dance.

How to apply?
Please send us:

  • a CV including your experience in filming or being involved in CI environments,
  • a description of your idea,
  • and links to your website or video material.
  • Deadline for applications is May 1st.

What we offer you:

  • a free entrance to the teachers meeting & the festival week, including the full program, studio accommodation and board.
  • all necessary support onsite, to make your project happen.

What we ask you for?

  • to be present during the 5 days of the teachers meeting and the full Festival. (6-11 August & 11-17 August).
  • to produce a video of minimum 20 minutes.
  • to edit your material within 3 months after the Festival.
  • to publish your video on internet to make it accessible for free (we will link it to our page)
  • if you want to add music in the video it must be free of copyright.

Please send all of your material to info(at) and do not hesitate to ask us any emerging question.

Happy and curious to receive your application!

The team

Please send the complete application form to info(at) contactfestival(dot)de
Contact person:
Eckhard Müller
Application flow:
1st of May
deadline for applications
Event dates
6th - 11th of August
teachers meeting

11th -17th of August
Festival (Thu-We)