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There you can easily change and unsubscribe if you wish.

If it doesn't work just send an email with the according information to info(at)contactfestival(dot)de.


Handling of email addresses for the mailing list

Content of the email:
We will send information about the contactfestival freiburg and other workshops and jams organized by us in a limited amount of emails.

Handling of your email address:
For sending emails we use the email addresses in blind copy and will not give your email address to others.
Any time you can cancel this service by sending an email back to us.


Handling of the email addresses for the address list
as participant of the Festival or pre-/post workshops

Content of the address list:
The addresslist contains the addresses and phone numbers of all participants of the Festival (current year).
You can choose if you want to publish your email address on it.

Handling of your email address:
If you don’t want to publish your email address on that list we will only use it for information transfer between the organizers and you.
For sending emails we use the email addresses in blind copy anyway how you decide.

Handling of the address list:
We will only give this address list in a printed version to the participants of the contactfestival freiburg (current year) and in a pdf version which you can not copy. Participants can use it for ride sharing.
We ask all participants to use this information carefully only for private use.