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What is Contact Improvisation?

CI is a dance form where the touch with another person is the beginning of a movement exploration. The focus can lay and move through the awareness of the own body, the connection to the partner’s body, the movement flow or the environment, in it's continuous relationship to the physical laws.
Contact Improvisation supports a creative mind, spontaneity and the development of the physical abilities. Each dance is new and different and expresses the personal meeting in the moment. Classes and Jams are a playful and breath taking space for people with different dance experiences.

What happens in class?

Workshops and classes in Contact Improvisation aim to develop a better understanding of the basic skills like listening, leading, following, rolling, sliding; taking, giving, sharing weight; falling, flowing, lifting … which are practiced in specific guided exercises working solo, in couples and in the group. The work with images and bodywork can help to let go and prepare for the new. You can explore different qualities of touch and communication. New pathways are offered to go beyond the own borders or try to find to a more soft and efficient movement flow. All the new experiences can change the open improvisation with your partner.

What happens at a jam?

A jam is an informal open space in which dancers can practice the form. There is time and space to develop the physical abilities in communication with the partners. You deepen your experiences, explore new things and find your own interpretation of the dance. At any time there is the freedom and the self responsibility to go in, change partners or go out and watch from the sides, respecting your own needs and wishes.
Sometimes there is music that supports the dance, sometimes you only listen to your own movement, the partner and the space.

Information about the Association for the Advancement of Contact Improvisation, Freiburg e. V.

There is no pre- & post festival workshops for Contact Improvisation in 2023

CI's 50th Birthday in 2022! Events site: https://contactquarterly.
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