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  Jurij Konjar
Jurij Konjar I’ve been observing thought processes in two way interaction with the physical. This process was triggered by the dancing I saw in a video of Steve Paxton's Goldberg Variations and fuelled by a long process of repetition, observation and imagination. Previously to the Goldberg I’ve directed movement-based stage works focusing on being present in the moment; belonging to a space; the place of an individual within a group; the importance and value of mistakes. Teaching what I thought I knew was another great teacher in my training, requiring eloquence and recognition. It seems that from a young age I would look for and learn about movement in everything I did; first instinctively, then intentionally, then with awareness."
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A snail gets mugged by two turtles. When police come and question him about it, he answers - "I don't know what to tell you, it all happened so fast...”
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My experience is everybody's experience. I can match the observations of others to my own. My partners are more similar to each other than they are different.
I'd like to share in writing what I observe while surviving a unique situation with my partner. I'd also be curious to know about what they've observed. I assume we are all here because we are curious.

This is an invitation to you; to write, to post your writing and to read other's writings. Here's how it could work:

  • In writing, name for yourself what you observed at any given moment. Be specific. Questions “What happened?”, and “What did I observe?” can provide a guideline. If you find something is interesting enough to be noticed, named and written, that's already enough.
  • Make your writing available, by pinning it up on the board. Sign your notes with a name invented for this purpose, a pseudonym; to the writer this will provide some freedom of anonymity, while to a reader it will offer a possibility of tracing one person's journey. A printer and a computer will be available in the corridor behind studio 1.
  • Indulge in reading. See if-and-how notes of others speak to you about your own experience.
  • Observe if-and-how what you wrote and read, yours and of others, influences your dancing
  • going on; whatever is observed can be written and shared again...

This invitation is not to write accomplished articles, something objectively interesting, or something new. It's primarily an invitation for you to enter in a conversation with yourself; then share this conversation with others. It's an opportunity for an insight into what our partners are feeling; and to know more about what goes on when we say we engage in the practice of CI.

For those interested in exploring their dancing-writing-reading-dancing practice further, a group will be meeting daily throughout the festival, during the end of lunch, before the first afternoon class. If you are interested to join, find us by contacting Jurij Konjar.2Jurij
Photo from Patrick Beelaert - writing from Jurij.
See more writings connected to Jurij in the pdf (10 MB!).
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