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After the success of the last yeasr we will announce again 1 competition!
You can win a place at the Festival!

filmkameraVIDEO COMPETITION 2012
: How are you celebrating the 40th anniversary of CI? ...more Deadline: 31st of May
There will be no competition for 2012! ...more



filmkameraVIDEO COMPETITION 2012
: How are you celebrating the 40th anniversary of CI?

2012 is the year to remember the 40th Birthday of Contact Improvisation! The contactfestival freiburg will do a little celebration inside the festival.
How are YOU celebrating this Birthday?
With this years video competition we want to encourage you to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Contact Improvisation, create a short video of your celebration and participate in our video contest. It could be a video in which you celebrate this Birthday in Your way (only for the camera), or it could be a documentation of a real celebration event in which you have participated or organized.
You can use language (voice/subtitles), sound and image to describe your idea or document it. If you use language that is not in English, we ask you also to offer a translation (subtitles).
All videos that we receive until 31st of May 2012 will participate in the contest.

These are the prices:

  1. a guaranteed place for the contactfestival freiburg 2012
    plus free entrance
  2. a guaranteed place for the contactfestival freiburg 2012
    plus half reduction
  3. a guaranteed place for the contactfestival freiburg 2012

(Alternative 3 x guaranteed place plus half price reduction)

The winning prices are only valid for the contactfestival freiburg 2012
  • You dance, describe, (record, edit) your celebration idea or document it

  • Video length: up to 5 minutes.

  • The video does not need to be of an artistically high level but can be. Important is your idea and its outcome.

  • You upload the video to "youtube" and send us the link - we will link it to our festival channel: contactfestfreiburg. Please comment your idea and execution with a few sentences in English or English subtitles.

  • Only one video per Person!

  • You need permission if you use copyrighted materials, specially music, for your video. We, the Festival Team and Youtube cannot advise whether or not your video will ultimately be qualified as "fair use"; this is something that can only be decided by a court. It is your responsibility to know the laws in your country, and to understand fair use before you decide to make a video incorporating copyrighted content without permission.
    See more under
    Please note that specially on german sites, "youtube" and other provider doesn't publish videos with copyrighted material/music! (You can not watch it!)

  • Additionally the three winners of the contest are obliged to sent their video in a high-resolution quality to us, till July 15th, 2012.
The videos stay available to be watched on the festival channel of youtube. Some of the material might become part of our documentation, or shown in the frame of the festival. With your participation you agree that the contactfestival freiburg can use, copy and publish the video in the way described above.
All videos, which are uploaded before 31st of May 2012 are considered to take part in the competition.
Selection procedures:
The team will select the 3 most interesting videos and inform the winners by the 15th of June 12! The price is bound to a person who was involved in creating the video!
See past competition videos and other videos around the festival on youtube: contactfestfreiburg.
We look forward to receive your application and are curious to see many inspiring videos.
The Team

Sorry no T-shirt Design competition this year!

Since we got so many nice designs the last years which didn't have a possibility to be published on a shirt, we decided that we will not have a competition in 2012!

We will take the design from Kamil from last years competition (2nd price).
The Team




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