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  Theme and conditions of the COMPETITIONS 2015

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filmkameraVIDEO COMPETITION 2015
: "How do you see your Contact Improvisation - “Heimat”/ home/community?" ...more Deadline: 31st of May
Deadline: 31st of May



filmkameraVIDEO COMPETITION 2015
: "How do you see your Contact Improvisation - “Heimat” / home / community?"

During the last contactfestival freiburg editions, various events have happened, acknowledging the connection between CI events and the extended web of our socio political contexts. (Read more in the report of Malaika, Thomas, Christina - link). They have raised awareness, knowledge, exchange and questions that are still working in us.

After approaching the wider we would like to come back closer to the smaller units of the community and through that, to understand better, what we call “CI-Community”?
We see the base of the CI–Community in each of our little grassroot communities: the people you are practicing with, the town where you live in, and the places where the dance develops.

Wikipedia writes:

A community is a broad concept that includes at least two distinct meanings:
1) a social unit that shares common values, and
2) a group of interacting living organisms sharing an environment.
A community is a social unit of any size that shares common values. Although embodied or face-to-face communities are usually small, larger or more extended communities such as a national community, international community and virtual community are also studied.
In human communities, intent, belief, resources, preferences, needs, risks, and a number of other conditions may be present and common, affecting the identity of the participants and their degree of cohesiveness.

Heimat is a German word with no English equivalent that denotes the relationship of a human being towards a certain spatial social unit. It is often expressed with terms such as home or homeland. There is also no standard definition in German.

German quote:
Heimat ist nicht der Ort, sondern die Gemeinschaft der Gefühle.
Unbekannt - Quelle: Bodeninschrift in der Galerie der Gegenwart in Hamburg Home is not the place, but the community of the feelings
Unknown – resource: inscription in the floor of the “Galerie der Gegenwart” in Hamburg

We are curious of what do you find significant about your CI-Community?
How will you define your CI Community?
Are there special techniques/skills that have developed?
Are there CI values that might be present and common?
Are there any rising goals?

We would like to invite you to share these topics with us through your personal perspective, by the making of a short video for the competition.

All videos that we receive until 31st of May 2015 will participate in the contest.


  1. a guaranteed place for the contactfestival freiburg 2015
    plus free entrance
  2. a guaranteed place for the contactfestival freiburg 2015
    plus half reduction
  3. a guaranteed place for the contactfestival freiburg 2015

(Alternative 3 x guaranteed places plus half price reduction)

The winning prizes are only valid for the contactfestival freiburg 2015

Additionally the winner of our contest will automatically be programmed in the Canadian “Contact Dance International Film Festival”, that is happening every 2 years in May. So the 1st place of our competition from 2014 and 2015 will be screened in their festival in May 2017.
More of our applicants can be selected by them;

  • Video length: 1 to 5 minutes.

  • If you use language that is not in English, it would be great if there is a translation (subtitles).

  • You upload the video to "YouTube" and send us the link - we will link it to our festival channel: contactfestfreiburg.
    You are welcome to comment your idea with a few sentences in English.

  • Maximum 1 video per person!
  • We want to show the video on the Festival. Therefore it is important that you don’t use copyrighted materials, specially copyrighted music, for your video. To be sure that we don’t get trouble by showing the video on the Festival, we would need to disqualify the video from the competition if this is unclear.
    See more under
    Please note, that especially on German sites, "YouTube" and other providers don't publish videos with copyrighted material/music! (You cannot watch it!)
  • Additionally the three winners of the contest are obliged to send their video in a high-resolution quality to us, till June 30th, 2015.
  • The videos stay available to be watched on the festival channel of YouTube.
  • With your participation you agree that the contactfestival freiburg can use, copy and publish the video in the way described above.
All videos, which are uploaded before 31st of May 2015 and fulfill the conditions above, are considered to take part in the contest.
Selection procedures:
The team will select the 3 most interesting videos and inform the winners by the 15th of June 15! The prize is bound to a person who was involved in creating the video!
See past competition videos and other videos around the Festival on YouTube: contactfestfreiburg.
We look forward to receive your application and are curious to see many creative videos.
The Team

Like every year we are looking for a design to print on our t-shirts 2015. To give you some inspiration you can look on the designs of the last years: competition archives and next:
The winner will receive free entrance for this years Festival.

1. prize: 1 place guaranteed including free entrance
2. prize: 1 place guaranteed / from the waiting list
3. prize: 1 place guaranteed / from the waiting list
(All prizes are only valid for the contactfestival freiburg 2015)
  • You can use photos that you find on our webpage or use your own photos, design or drawings.

  • It can be only a design for the front or back of the t-shirt, we would place our logo on the opposite side, or it could be one design, that integrates the logo in the design.

  • It will be a one color print but on different colored t-shirts.

  • You send us your design by email as pdf or tiff picture (cmyk).

  • up to max. 3 designs per person!

  • Your design needs to be in printing quality
All designs, which are uploaded till 31st of May, 2015, are considered to take part in the contest.
Selection procedures:
The team selects the 3 most interesting designs and informs the winner until the 15th of June 2015! The prize remains bound to the person.
See the current applications on our website: competition
We are curious about your application and hope to seed creativity.
The Team

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