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Frame Information for the Festival + frequently asked questions (FAQs)
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Info email in the spam filter?
Please check regularly your spam filter. It has happened several times that the emails didn't reach applicants, because they landed in the spam filter. Search for the info(at) and registration(at) emails. If you still don't receive something contact us.
Reload and cleaning of saved information of the browser
Please delete regularly your saved information in the browser. On every browser it is a little different - if you have problems - just write us an email. Sometimes you just need to push the reload button in your browser window to see the new information.
The conditions for registration read on the sites for registration
Payment confirmations
Please note, that we will not confirm the receiving of your payment on our account. If we didn't receive money till the middle of May you will get an email asking you to pay. You can also check on your own account if the money left your bank account or came back in case the numbers haven't been right. It would be too much work to do it one by one. Thank you for helping us.
Free bank transfers per SEPA
Since 2008 there is a possibility for free money transfer from non-Euro-countries, based in Europe, called SEPA. The banks mainly from Switzerland and UK should be free of charges for money transfers to Germany. But still not all banks support the SEPA money transfer; so better ask your bank before.
What does SEPA mean?
SEPA is the Single Euro Payments Area in existence since end-January 2008 where all payments are treated as domestic payments. With SEPA, money transfers in Euros between all countries of the EU, the EEA and Switzerland are faster (max. 3 business days) and cheaper (usually free). The countries covered by SEPA are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Rumania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.
Here you find a list of costs from Swiss Banks.
Payment international
You can use "wise" https://wise.com for international bank transfers.
Please contact us for further information.
The fee and more specifics you find on the sites for registration
Research Project
The contactfestival freiburg wants to support the development of Contact Improvisation and offers the possibility to deepen the knowledge in specific areas of CI through ground research, practical experiments, exchange and support for researchers in the frame of the event.
2012-2019 the contactfestival freiburg supported dancers who were researching on Contact Improvisation inviting them to develop and share their research projects with teachers and participants.
More information about past research projects you will find here.
We decided to cancel the research project.

The t-shirt design competition, for the print on every years festival t-shirt.
See the past winner of the competitions
We decided to cancel the t-shirt design competition for 2024.

Since 2015 there is no video clip competition anymore.
See videos from former years at our youtube channel: contactfestfreiburg

For some years the contactfestival freiburg offered 2 scholarship places, which addressed only professional dancers coming from countries with a difficult financial situation, to apply and get a free entrance to the event.
The call for applications has closed.
Still we do have enough selected applicants and we will inform you about future calls.

Since 2023, the scholarship program runs only on your private donations.
We encourage you to continue to donate for this program to be able to offer free spots to passionate dancers, who, without the economical support, won't ever be able to join us. We are a Non Profit Cultural Organization, your contribution could be deducted from your taxes. If you are interested to sponsor a place, let us know.

There will also be a donation box on site.
Reduction / shorter participation
To support the intense process of exploring and learning in a big group, we ask all participants and teachers to stay for the entire week.
A reduced price for a shorter stay is not possible.
Work exchange at the Festival
With the wish to make the Festival accessible to everyone, we offer work exchange opportunities for those people who are in need of financial support. These places are restricted.
If you are interested to be a helper at the Festival, please mark it in the registration form and write more about:
  • your qualities: besides many cleaning jobs and food preparation we also search for technicians/light and electric and child care during the morning intensives (means all classes and events are available except the intensive in the mornings)
  • let us know in case you are financially dependent on the «work exchange» opportunity. (Do so in the «comment box» inside the registration).
We are happy to count on enthusiastic people who are willing to invest their energy, to commit to the tasks we can offer, to take responsibility and also to be supportive within their team. To be a Helper in the Festival can be a very rewarding experience if you enjoy to be part of «making» an event. It could also be very frustrating if you «only» do it for economical reasons, without realizing that this will demand energy that will be taken away from your dance energy. The helpers will get a reduction of about 100-150 Euros. Please check-in with your self before applying as a helper.
We will choose the team of helpers out of the applying participants and let you know by the middle of May.
Caretaking of children
There are special conditions for those who take care of children. Please write us an email about your experience and the languages you speak.
Read also the information for parents and the helpers information above
Every year we are searching for musicians with experience in big CI Jams. Please apply with an email including a link to your work till the beginning of April.
Video artist
Every year the contactfestival freiburg supports the production of a video documentary in the context of the Festival. Each edition we invite a different video artist to whom we give a total freedom, regarding themes, interest, editing, etc.
Read all the information here
Read also the handling the privacy issue on photo/video material
We invite each year 1-2 professional (dancing) photographers with experience in taking dance photos. They get a reduction of 100 €. If you are interested apply with an email including links to your photo till beginning of April.
Read also the handling the privacy issue on photo/video material
Light technician
We always need help with the lighting technique. If you are interested, write us an email with your experience. Read also the helpers information above
Early arrivals or late departure to/from the Festival
Please note: It is not possible to sleep in the festival halls or camp outside before or after the Festival. Please use these options (early booking is recommended)
Sleeping on site
One of the halls is reserved for sleeping for the participants. Please be aware that many participants use this opportunity. If you are sensitive you should not forget your earplugs. You can as well use your own tent around the hall. Please bring your own mat and sleeping bag.
For cheap rooms in a hotel, youth hostel or camping place you can look on the festival venue site.
Accommodations in Freiburg
If you do not want to sleep in the halls or in your own tent for free during the Festival, find more information about hotels...on the "Festival venue" -site.
Children at the Festival
Children are very welcome at the Festival. Our wish is to integrate parents and their kids as much as possible into the festival process. Please note that we are only offering childcare during the intensives in the morning. During other times, we suggest parents to organize childcare among themselves. The festival venue is surrounded by a park area, which is great for resting and playing. We do not have an extra indoor space for kids. Even though we have had very good experiences with parents and their kids at our Festival in the past, we want to mention here again that the main focus of our Festival is the exploration and the sharing of the experience of Contact Improvisation. Read more in the pdf
We offer mainly organic food that is produced in the region or in Germany. The warm lunch and dinner are prepared by our dancing cooks. Breakfast and snacks are prepared by our international team of helpers. All food is provided and included in the price. We will serve mainly vegetarian/vegan meals. There will always be a wheat free option. Please also consider, that we can't fulfill everybodies wishes and diets. So if you need a big variety of special food, please take care on your own.
Handling the privacy issue on photo/video material
As some of the former participants already know, the contactfestival freiburg aims not only at the practice but also at the spreading of CI and the development of the Festival itself. For this reason, to show what Contact Improvisation and the Festival are about (in forums, our web page and the video documentary that comes forth every year), photos and video material will be taken during the Festival.

Please be advised that by applying and registering at the contactfestival freiburg, you are automatically allowing the organizers to use and authorize others (for the same purpose) to use the images taken during the Festival for a documentary reason (in paper, DVD, Internet including our Festival facebook page or any other form) and resigning to make any claim in relation to any use of them.

Participants might as well take photos and videos during the Festival and publish them on their own Internet pages. Those «private photographers» need to provide the links, where they will publish the material, to all participants (via the festival organization). Participants can ask them to delete images involving the claimant in a group of less than 6 people. Those «privates» are asked to follow the participants wish.

All «private» and «official» photographers are asked to not publish any photo on facebook or any other social networks with limited access.
To use photos for advertising purposes you need the photographer's permission and, for pictures with fewer than 6 people, also the permission of the people depicted!
We, the organizers of the Festival, feel a strong wish to take responsibility not only for our bodies and our partners, but for the environment and our planet. We decided some years ago to take certain initiatives as listed below, which we find important to share with you and to take notice of.
You can help saving carbon by organizing carpools, by using the hot showers consciously and/or helping recycling onsite. Thanks for supporting our effort.
Carbon Offset
Since 2013 we have been donating 5€ from each participant (including teachers, helpers and organizers) to a rainforest reforestation project (link to current project in Kenia: https://www.carbonfootprint.com/plantingtreesinkenya.html
The 5€ are included in the fee. This money will offset the CO2 that is produced by some of our travels and all electricity (lights), gas (cooking) and oil (hot water) during the event on site.
Organic and local food
We offer mainly organic vegetarian/vegan food that is produced locally or in Germany. Delivered by "Rinklin" an organic wholesaler and by Alnatura and Distel (local organic farm).
Solar Thermal System
The hot water of the halls is heated by the solar system on the rooftop, which covers most of the hot water we use, depending on the amount/length of showers.
Waste Recycling & separating garbage
In Germany we do have a recycling system and separate the garbage. At the Festival we will separate glass, paper, plastic, tetra-packs, metal and organic waste from all the other waste (rest).
Food Sharing
Because of the size of the Festival it is not easy to always provide the right amount of food, so we make sure that as much of the fresh left overs(at the end of the Festival are used up, by offering it on a food sharing plattform.
FEEDBACK from you
Please send us any kind of feedback so we can make it better next year.
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