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Flight connections:

Basel/Mulhouse (CH/F) is the closest airport with good bus connection is, cheap airline are www.easyjet.com, besides many others.
: Leave the airport building through the French exit; there is a direct bus to Freiburg/Breisgau main station.
The bus leaves every 90 min, and takes 60 min to Freiburg. Bus information under: www.freiburger-reisedienst.de (Airport Bus), or telephone: 0049 -(0)761 - 500 500.
Or use: www.flixbus.de
Airport info: www.euroairport.com

Frankfurt is the most important and nearest international airport, about 2,5 h by fast train (ICE). Many international airlines serve this airport. There are direct trains from the airport (Frankfurt Flughafen) to Freiburg/Breisgau main station every hour. See www.bahn.de.
Airport info: www.frankfurt-airport.com.

Frankfurt/Hahn (~ 4 h away from Freiburg/Breisgau) has only a few airlines and is 1h by bus away to Frankfurt airport and the train connection (plus another 2,5h to Freiburg). Therefore it needs time.
Airport info: www.hahn-airport.de

Baden Airport (~ 1,5 h away from Freiburg/Breisgau). Small airport with a few cheap flights www.ryanair.com. (For the flights from London there is a direct bus to Freiburg only on workdays). Another option is to take a bus to Baden-Baden main station and then the train to Freiburg.  Trains: www.bahn.de. The "Baden-Württemberg-Ticket" might be interesting if you are more than 1 person travelling (see below travel by train!)
Airport info: www.badenairpark.de

Airport Stuttgart is about 2,5h from Freiburg/Breisgau. Here you take the S-Bahn (every 10 min) to the main station and then the ICE train to Freiburg. (www.bahn.de). The "Baden-Württemberg-Ticket" might be interesting if you are more than 1 person travelling (see below travel by train!) Cheap airlines check www.eurowings.com besides many other airlines.
Airport info: www.flughafen-stuttgart.de

Strassburg (France) is close but takes 2-4h to Freiburg/Breisgau. Take a regional train to the main station and then take another regional train to Freiburg im Breisgau. This train connection to Freiburg is not well developed, see www.bahn.de. The "Baden-Württemberg-Ticket" might be interesting if you are more than 1 person traveling (see below travel by train!) Valid from Kehl on!
Airport info: www.strasbourg.aerport.fr

Zürich (CH) is as well an important international airport, 2,5 h by train. The airport has a train connection to Zurück main station (every 10 min). Trains to Freiburg/Breisgau over Basel. There are trains almost every hour, see www.sbb.ch.
Airport info: www.zurich-airport.com

Airport München is about 4,5 h by train! Take first the bus to the main station and then the ICE to Freiburg/Breisgau via Karlsruhe, see www.bahn.de. This is really far, we do not propose this one!
Airport info: www.munich-airport.de


Travel by remote busses

Now there are cheap remote busses inside Europe and Germany. The cheap tickets you need to book early.
In Freiburg im Breisgau is the bus station nearby the train station. This is not for all cities in Germany, so check first where the busses are leaving.

Here are some links to the bus lines to search for trips to Freiburg

Searching different bus lines inside Europe.



Travel by train:

You get all information and connections on www.bahn.de and can book via Internet.

For cheap tickets check “Offers for Travellers in Germany” and “Offers for Travellers in Europe”. There are cheap tickets for the IC/E trains (“saving fare 25” and “saving fare 50”) if you book via Internet up to 3 days before leaving, only booking round trip. There is only a little amount of these cheap tickets. It’s better to book in advance, but you can only use that ticket for the train you booked.

Or “surf and rail” tickets for ICE if you book on Saturdays for the following week, only on some lines.

Following 3 offers for travelling in regional trains might be interesting if you are small groups and have time:
Regional tickets” for smaller distances in regional trains, like
Baden-Württemberg-Ticket” for inside our region (including distance to Basel, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart). Interesting also for groups, as it costs only 23 EUR for the first person plus 4 EUR each up to 5 persons; weekdays only from 9am – 3am (next day) weekends without time limit.
“Quer durch Land Ticket”
within all Germany on weekdays for the 1st person 44 EUR, others (up to 5) for 8 EUR only from 9am till 3am (next day)
"49 € Ticket" this is a monthly ticket for all regional trains, street cars and buses inside all Germany, for people who have time and maybe want to stay longer or explore more.


Ride shares:

Another cheap possibility to come to the Festival is sharing a ride.

If you are a participant you get a participants list with all needed information. From there you can ask the people directly if you can have a ride.

If you plan to come by car it would be great if you offer this on one of these plattforms.
And also if you are looking for a ride, you can check this sites:

On the sites you will see the price you would have to pay to the driver:
This site is only in german language and rides in Germany, but they are not asking for extra money for the service.

These offer european wide rides and is also in english language:


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