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  2012 Research Week
  We extended an open call for experienced contact dancers who were already researching Contact Improvisation to submit an autonomous research proposal/score to be done within a group environment of maximum 12 people.

During this weeklong process, our first decision as co-organizers was to include all researcher’s ideas and not to exclude some. We made a statement about the autonomy of the research naming a clear distinction between coming to investigate running your own agenda and coming to “make use of others” in order to get your investigation to go further.
It was important for us to share our interest in supporting a Research based on self-experience as we invited people to bring a Proposal/Score that will let them develop their research without needing others. Something that they could keep on working independently. We proposed them to come with a personal Score to start with. It could be dancing, writing, reading or finding an own Score, anything coming from experiencing and doing, so the focus could stay on the self work.
We gave the option of following Jurij’s Score of: dancing/ observing/ naming/ writing/ sharing the writing through posting/ dancing, which we saw as a great way to process the shared journeys from a very personal and honest place; giving each person the opportunity to read about other’s experiences if they were ready to do so.

This as starting point and a way into the own process, which will create a group process. Not knowing where it will lead and where value takes place, but using the possibility of recognizing and choosing a direction to go. Digestion taking place in the experience of the now as the present moment is informed by past experiences, too.
Or even past experiences getting accessed/ noticed/ relived/ reviewed in the now. Starting and ending together as a commitment, which supports building a sense of the group and having time for checking in important rising issues, checking in if a change in the structure is needed in order to keep going.
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  Researcher of the research week:
See the collection of each researcher writings under their name
Adam First highline Anna Bunkowa highline Barbara Stahlberger
Finland (Israel) Russia Germany
...to be a good Contact dancer you need to be able to hold yourself as individual...
pdf to download
  ...For me it is not important if it is good or bad. The important is the learning...
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Carolina Silveira highline Daniela Schwartz highline Heike Kuhlmann
Uruguay France (Argentina) Germany
...the hapiness to find myself in all that mess as a living creature and as a creative life...
pdf to download
...the exchange can take place in more levels through being in the body than we are able to name...
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quote -
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Julija Melnik highline Jurij Konjar > highline Marika Rizzi
Lithuania Slovenia France (Italy)
  ...while I was doing it I had no idea what it looks like; focusing only on sensation. The form is an extra present, a side product...
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Raquel Minako Kusunoki highline Silke Pfaff highline Thalia Laric >
Brasil Germany South Africa
... more conscious about the life outside and inside in such a way that I can go further in my questions, can materialize my research...
pdf to download
... someting MUST have happened, as I felt very awake in the body, and inspired for movement, and sure of what I was doing, and connected ...
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... understandings that grew I notice how they are attached to the people ... Our knowledges and philosophies passed between each other, body to body...
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  A wall filled with writings was growing as the days went by. See more in this pdf paint silke
drawing Silke Pfaff during the research week
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