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  The next Festival will probably happen from 9th - 15th of August 2010.
Please come again to check the dates!


News about the contactfestival freiburg 2009!

Registration is closed!
29th of July 09
As you know the Festival is fully booked and we have a long waiting list. So we closed the registration. If you are on the waiting list and still wait for the Festival. Just ask us how big are your chances. Sometimes wonder are happening!


The last info letter for all participants and teachers is out!
28th of July 09
ANow all participants should have gotten all information for arrival... Please check in your email account if you got this letter. If you didn't got it, just send us an email. Sometimes it lands in the spam filter!


The first info letter for all participants is out!
20th of June 09
All participants of the Festival should have gotten now the 1st info letter for the Festival. Attached is a list for ride shares. Please check in your email account if you got this letter. If you didn't got it, just send us an email. Sometimes it lands in the spam filter!


The winners of the T-shirt design competition are chosen!
9th of June 09
Again it was not easy to choose, but we could make up one winner and will print her design on the T-shirts of the Festival 09. Go to the competition site!


The winners of the video competition are chosen!
19th of Mai 09
You didn't make it easy for us with so many videos and ideas, but finally we made it and chose three winners of the competition. Go to the competition site!


Children at the festival!
18th of Mai 09
Children are very welcome at the Festival. Our wish is to integrate parents and their kids as much as possible into the festival process.
We are offering childcare during the intensive in the morning. During other times, parents can organize childcare among themselves. The festival venue is surrounded by a park area which is great for resting and playing. We do not have an extra indoor space for kids. Even though we have had very good experiences with parents and their kids at our Festival in the past, we want to mention here again that the main focus of our Festival is the exploration and the sharing of the experience of Contact Improvisation.
For more details about parents with kids see the PDF file here.


The deadline for the video competition has past!
1st of Mai 09
Wow - so many last minute videos for the competition! So much work, creativity, inspiration - Thank you all! If you had problems to upload your video - just contact us!
Now we are spoilt of choice and need to find the creative winner of the competition.
You can watch the videos under: http://contactfestival.ning.com/. Please write comments to get an idea of your arguments!


The description for the preworkshop Jess Curtis is online!
20th of April 09
If you are interested in the preworkshop with Jess Curtis you can now read more: on the workshop site. Online-registration is also possible now!


Technical problem for registration solved!
16th of April 09
We fixed the technical problem and it should be possible again to register for the waiting list. Sometimes "safari" browser still has a problem with it - couldn't find the bug, maybe you can try it with a different browser like thunderbird for example!


Festival T-shirt Design Competition - NEW!
16th of April 09
Now you have another chance to get a place at the festival. We are searching for a design of our Festival T-shirt and so we announce another competition! See competition 2.


Jess Curtis as preworkshop teacher!
16th of April 09
We are happy to announce, that Jess Curtis will teach the workshop before the Festival. Mor information will come up the next days here on the website, but also we will print another flyer! So come back soon!


Technical problem at the registration for the waiting list!
16th of April 09
Sorry we just found a technical problem with the registration for the waiting list. No one can register right now! - We hope to solve the problem today and will inform you here as soon we succeded. Sorry we do our best!


Less choices between the intensives/laboratories!
16th of April 09
We have now so many registrations, that we needed to stop some of the intensives. It just didn't make sense to keep on registring for that, even if there is no chance anymore to get a place.


Intensive with Keith is full!
1st of April 09 (2)
The waiting list is growing and we are happy that so many people want to come to our festival. Even we can not host you all - we do our best!
For recognition the intensive with Keith Hennessy during the Festival is completely full, if you want to work with him there is another chance in the postworkshop after the festival!


Registration opened and closed!
1st of April 09
You crazy people. I needed to go to the waiting list at 1:30 am in the night! I couldn't follow all the incoming registration - you were so fast! But please keep on registring for the waiting list. There is still a chance to get a place!


Compensation for Paul Langland found!
31st of March 09
Finally we found for the intensive at the festival a compensation and we are happy to welcome Nina Martin as intensive teacher at the Festival. (description)
For the preworkshop we are still dealing with different teachers. As soon as it is clear - we will let you know!


The workshop and Intensiv with Paul Langland is cancelled!
17th of March 09
Out of health reasons we needed to cancel the workshop and intensive with Paul Langland. We try to find an alternative - more info late!


The deadline for the Video Competition changed!
13th of March 09
We changed the deadline for the Video Competition till the 30th of April 09! So you still have the chance, specially if you haven't got a place at the festival after registration, to contribute exciting videos to the website! Selection will be made on the topic and not if you have a place or not!
Please also if you don't send Videos - look at them and comment them - so we get an impression where the most interest is! http://contactfestival.ning.com/


The NEW Festival information is online!
26th of January 09
The Flyers are sent and the new festival information are online now! We hope to provide again a varied program this year, so that you again register fast! Registration starts on 1st of April 09!


The NEW Workshop information is online!
22nd of January 09
As every year we are inviting one of the intensive teacher to teach a workshop before and one after the festival. The descriptions are online now! - see workshops.
The online registration for that workshop did not start yet. We hope to fix everything till the beginning of February. If you are interested in one of them you can just write an email to workshop.paul(at)contactfestival.de or workshop.keith(at)contactfestival.de.


New Forum for the contactfestival freiburg!
25th of November 08
We created a new forum for a better exchange of all participants of the contactfestival. You have the possibility to watch and add fotos & videos as well as starting a discussion inside the forum. There is also the possibility to ask and offer ride shares or accommodations in Freiburg! Go to the Festival Community Site: http://contactfestival.ning.com/


Video Competition - win a place at the Festival 09!
25th of November 08
We have many ideas to our 10th anniversary. One is to do a Video Competition. You can win one of our spare places at the contactfestival freiburg 09! Check the site "Competition"!


The new dates for 2009 are set!
3rd of November 08
Finally we have the dates for our 10th anniversary: 10th - 16th of August, 2009!


What is Contact Improvisation?
30th of September 08
You don't know what that is? Look at Contact Improvisation - you will find a short explanation with a few nice pictures!


Photos from the Festival 2008 online!
4th of September 08
The pictures of the contactfestival freiburg 08 are published now here on this site. If you have more pictures you want to show - please contact us! See the archiv...


New program!
23rd of August 08
We are planning to publish the new program in February/March 09! Registration starts again in April 09!


Teachers applications!
23rd of August 08
Teachers can send their appliences for the next festival from now on till the end of October! We will decide about the new group of teachers in December 08!


Exact dates!
23rd of August 08
We are working with the city and our interrests on the exact dates for 2009. In generall we plan again beginning of August 09. Please check again in 2 weeks - we hope to have them fixed than!

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