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Time frame
Open evnening
Study lab
Experimental day
Time frame:
We offer a week long Festival, starting Thursday evening till Wednesday afternoon.
It is not possible to participate only single days.
There are 3 different time slots in the daytime with 5 parallel Intensives and 2 or 3 classes simultaneously.
In the evening and beside the classes in the afternoon the schedule offers different jams and/or performances, talks, discussions.
Open evening:
The Sunday evening is open for guests. We ask for a little donation (5-10 EUR) from the guests. Please also respect our limit of people and don't stay to sleep onsite.
The Festival offers 2 huge sports halls which will be devided in 5 halls. And in the mornings we rent an additional small sport hall for the 5th intensive.
The venue is surrounded by lots of green. There is also a lake for swimming close!
We will give important information about the Festival in the circles. Please be on time to get all the info!
In the morning from 10 am - 12:30 pm the several intensives are happening parallel, which run through the whole week.
While registering you need to decide between the offers.
In the time slots 2-4 pm and 4.30-6.30 pm you have the possibility to get to know the work of different contact teachers. These 2h classes you will choose directly at the Festival.
Practicing the dance in the jams helps deepening the knowledge and allows to meet others through the dance. The jams are only open for the festival participants (except the Sunday evening - open jam). At the jams we wish to have a supporting, focusing atmosphere for the dance and we try to offer what is needed for that. As well we would like to put the attention to each participant, so that each person is self responsible to help creating the atmosphere at the jams.
Afternoon jams:
These afternoon jam slots offer an OPEN practice space for exploring, digesting, and harvesting in a focussed environment. We'll share the space whether practicing alone or in smaller groups. Seeds of inspiration will be offered in the beginning. You are free to come and go as you like or need.
Study labs:
In the labs you have the possibility to bring in or try out your own wishes, ideas, interests … in movement or discussion. We reserved time slots and spaces for this. If you do not need a space you can as well offer a lab at any time outdoor. The study labs are announced at the board and organized by the participants.
Experimental day:
One afternoon is our experimental day. Similar like in the labs you can organize yourself in small work groups to discuss questions, work on movement ideas, prepare for a spontaneous performance, go for swimming or sight seeing. The day is free for your own experiences. Food is provided during the whole day at scheduled times.
You can get one one2one session with one of the ~50 contact teachers for ~20 min. You come with your question, interest, wish for feedback. You can work 1 on 1, come with a friend or small group.
Spontaneous Performances
This is an invitation for spontaneous performance actions. We wish to encourage you to find different possibilities to perform, try out ideas, create situations and be creative with the learned material. They can be prepared and announced or can happen anytime, taking the initiative in the moment. Everybody has the possibility to perform during the whole event and to take responsibility to make it happen.
Performance night
This year we invite 3 coaches to work onsite with the participants and to develop a duet, a trio and a quintet performance of about 10-15 min each. We will organize the evening during the Festival.
More Questions?
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